Dear Students,

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 and the government lock down regulations, we are providing online classes via zoom from August 5th 2020 to August 31st 2020. In this tough time Arunji and Prashant Yogashraya holds each one of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Kindly ensure you have registered yourself as a user in Zoom. This is an important and recommended step to ensure you get entry to the video lessons. The video lessons are strictly allowed only to registered Zoom users.

Also, please make sure you have the yoga props like blankets, bricks, belts and chair. It is  difficult to follow Arunji’s classes  without any of the props. These online classes are tailored for people with regular Iyengar yoga practice. This is not recommended for beginners.

Here is the recording sample of one of the zoom classes We request you to check this video before filling the form below.

Class Schedule :

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM  Indian Standard Time ( GMT + 5:30 )
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : 5:OO PM to 6:30 PM  Indian Standard Time ( GMT + 5:30 )


  • A student is allowed to attend in one of the above mentioned timings only ( i.e., 3 classes per week).
  • The above schedule is for classes from August 5th to August 31st 2020, with breaks on Sundays and from August 21st to August 24th. Kindly note the days of your class in the calendar below.

We would also like to emphasize that, no student will be denied a chance to attend the online classes  with Arunji due to lack of funds. Kindly write to us at for queries and concerns.

Registrations are closed for the month of August, 2020.