Arunji has been teaching and sharing his knowledge about yoga for more than 40 years. Besides his personal teaching, he has written and published over 15 books in Kannada.

  • Yoga Darpana: focuses on asanas for women and their health.
  • Atmarakshneygay Karate: addresses asanas for people practicing karate.
  • Shala Makkalige Yoga: focussing on yoga for Children
  • Yoga Parichaya: is a brief introduction to yoga.
  • Suryanamskara: solar energy and surya namaskara as spiritual and physical practice.
  • Yallara aarogyakkagi: talks about yoga, allopathy and Ayurveda
  • Nitya Jeevandalli Yoga: talks about therapy yoga emphasis to patients suffering from blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases

Arunji’s book in Kannada titled “Yoga Darpana” is being re-released in its new form in 2021. Yoga Darpana was initially released in the year of 1986 and focussed on asanas for women and their health.  The book can be purchased online in India at Flipkart. 

Arunji’s book in English titled “Experiment & Experience on the Chair: The Yoga Way” was released on 26th October 2014 which sold more than 2000 copies worldwide within six moths of release and in response to its high demand it is being translated in Spanish, French and Italian languages.

The book can be purchased online in India at Flipkart. People from the United States of America can use paypal to buy the book.

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