All the faculty members at Prashant Yogashraya have a long association with the institute and have become an integral part of the institute with their sincere commitment to Yoga

Headed by the Director and founder of the institute, Yoga Praveena Sri. H.S. Arun, who is the hub of its existence, the team of well-trained and expert instructors has helped bring the institute to its present state of glory.All of them have gone to Pune to learn Yoga.The dedication and sincerity of these teachers are such that they do honorary work for the institute.

Yoga Praveena Sri.Arun H.S.


Sri Arun has totally dedicated his life to the propagation of Iyengar Yoga. He takes personal interest in each and every student with a thorough understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and guides them to perform according to their capacities. His continuous research into all aspects of Yoga and its relation to the mental and physical well being of man has helped him to introduce innovative methods of teaching Asanas. This in turn helps the students to grasp the finer aspects of the postures. His ever-ready wit and humour enliven the classes.

Smt.Srimatha Arun

An ardent disciple and wife of Sri. Arun, she has been practising yoga for the past twenty years. Though an integral part of the Yogashraya, and a yoga expert in her own right, she prefers to conduct classes only when Sri. Arun is not available to take classes. She has attended many sessions at Pune to bring out the best in herself and spares no effort in encouraging her students also to put forward their best efforts. A hard taskmaster, perfectionist to the core with a blend of gentleness she is a teacher par excellence